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show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy
(go near an open window and that'll be the end of me)
[fst] the inescapable us; a shisuixitachi fst 
24th-Aug-2011 07:57 pm

south san gabriel - my goodbyes (5.23)
on the steady and the straight, an evangelistic stray
you made your way
keeping all of this in line, but the memory does fade

fun. - i wanna be the one (3.36)
were you named for the river that surrounds all my biggest mistakes
or the way that i made it out all the muscles in my mouth
never smiled or said profound things until the day she handed you to me.

deb talan - whetstones
and the way you move is dancing
while your mouth says funny things
i'm staring at your neck, thinking
thinking could i rest my faith in here?

punchline - wars will always happen (2.52)
your vision is blurry but oh don't you worry, you know this place
and you said you could manage with eyes closed well
now is the time to shine and save some lives
when the going gets tough, the going gets what you ask for
no mistakes and no regrets
(boys there is a war to win out there)

metric - front row
he's not perfect he's a victim of his occupation
social insulation, secret intervention
charge him with possession, i just want to watch him
burn-out stars they shine so bright

the shins - black wave (3.19)
in the meadow where the black breeze blows
where underneath the waves you were most alone
can you hear a subtle, aching tone?
through the water, through the earth, chill the bones

ferry corsten (ft. howard jones) - into the dark (5.45)
i think you lost your mind or did you fall asleep
was your vision closing in, did the light play tricks upon you
(then slowly but surely taken away from me)
how can you fall into the dark when my arms are there to catch you?
how will i ever lose my way with your open hand to cling to?

b.i.m - the magic of us (3.26)
i pull my sleeves up further and i prepare to fight my demons
(i must not lose again this time)
so wrap your arms around me and sing the words as loud as you can
we are together in this world, together in this world

wye oak - fish (4.48)
gone gone gone you were never alone
i'll come home and raise you up to what's left
ghost of your voice finally rests
don't be afraid now you won't need me
you'll be at peace now, at last from the sea

florence + the machine - blinding (4.40)
no more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone
no more crawling like a crow for a boy, for a body in the garden
(no more dreaming like a girl
so in love with the wrong world

my brightest diamond - we were sparkling
(i'm afraid to forget you
i am remembering you
you were sparkling)

download the complete .rar here

What, don't even judge me; it was totally time for a new one, right?  I had all this beautiful music sitting around, and managed to pare it down to these. Started out trying to make it ... not particularly shippy, but as you can tell that shit went straight out the window. Kishi is cockteasing so hard right I CAN'T EVEN. Augh. 553 should just be flashbacks, okay; Kakashi got a few chapters, right? Why not?

If you have to pick just one, I'd say grab the bim, because sweet jesus it is so beautiful.
25th-Aug-2011 04:46 am (UTC)

Really, your music posts are always salivated for. Kakashi got his own gaiden, maybe there will be an Itachi Gaiden in the far, far future. But anyway, forget about these two for a minute and let's marvel at all the ItaNaru adsk;wddjvc going on in 552.
25th-Aug-2011 04:53 am (UTC)
Eeee, Inspiration!

I'm glad you think so! Let's see - I know it's not fully relevant, but I posted an rp-related Itachi FST if you want to grab some more music you might not have. I want an Itachi gaiden so hard omg omg omg omg and I want it now, because this is killing me so hard.

But. YES. FUCKING YES OMG My bad shipper self is flying off the handle, seriously Mai in all the time in this fandom did you ever expect Itachi to be the one to finally tell Naruto to pull his head out of his ass and follow it with an I was wrong and fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

I certainly didn't.

take care of him, bee

I AM LOST ;__;
25th-Aug-2011 05:04 am (UTC)
After the carnage of 550, my ItaShi wip folder is now delightfully slim, so I may just be able to get over my crippling fear of finishing things. This will help that along nicely.

I used to worry that such a gaiden would debunk all my precious ~theories~ but now that they've all been debunked anyway, WE NEED ONE. Itachi's *lover* might also make an appearance and stir the fandom into a frenzy, hahaha.

As I was telling mah fanboi bro, Itachi is the perfect person to give Naruto this advice because he knows from experience that trying to do everything by yourself results in embarrassing failure (I may have embellished that). "You will become just like Madara" is such a genius line, way to scare the crap out of him. "You possess Shisui's feelings..." uh, not quite so genius. Will FEELINGS be a weapon now?

But none of this really matters because Itachi was distractingly beautiful this chapter and his sad parting smile and refusal to see Sasuke made it difficult to be mean. And he'll probably die now.
25th-Aug-2011 05:13 am (UTC)
Awwwwyisssss; this makes me very, very happy to hear. xD

Right? We're pretty much out on our asses here but strangely I'm not minding like I should. And -- haha, yes. Still kind of curious about that in all sorts of ways.

He really really really is -- and thankfully he added that little bit at the end to save himself from crippling hypocrisy and -- yeah. Yeah. Naruto's startled face is adorable. The way he was just kinda WELP I GUESS YER RIGHT about it immediately after kinda had me scowling, though; it takes a bit of time to think these things through, kid; that sounded like dismissal. Unhappy that Itachi does not seem to be interested in a final badass showdown with Madara, I admit it. Not so disappointed in the Sasuke thing. LOOK HE'S A LITTLE RUSTY WITH THIS SHOWING EMOTIONS THING, CUT HIM SOME SLACK.

lskdflksdfljdsf wasn't he wasn't he his smiles break my heart dude, every fucking time. AND THEN HE TORCHED SHISUI CROWBURGER WHY YOU DOOO THAT And I hope he takes out Kabuto first but -- yeah. No playstation in the woodshed afterlife, I'm afraid, though I hope for amazing things; I imagine taking out Kabukins will probably negate the edo tensei, but what can you do?
25th-Aug-2011 06:57 am (UTC)
Yeah as I was reading along I was getting ready to be all like, "LOL you hypocritface, look who's talking," but then Kishi caught me. Oooohhhh he's so tricksy, that man. And I wouldn't worry too much about Naruto. Remember that we are running on Shounen Time and war and sappy reunions wait for no man. Prolly the next time he sees Sasuke he'll just throw Itachi's words at him verbatim and that's about it for "thinking it through".

This is going to be hard for me to articulate (AS USUAL) but something tells me that Itachi has always been leery of dealing with Madara directly. All his actions thus far have been somewhat oblique, like implanting Amaterasu in Sasuke's Sharingan and stuff, these acts seem to point to an unwillingness to enter direct confrontations. Now whether this is due to post-breakup awkwardness or him feeling that he's not the kind of person who'd do well facing Madara... maybe he thinks that Naruto would be more suited to the job. I wonder about that though, because Naruto is really naive and has been burned mindfucked by Madara before. Good thing Bee is there, I'm sure he's not going to put up with any bullshit.

I'm trying reeeaaaally hard to make a dirty joke out of your crowburger comment but I got nuttin' :( These talks of feelings, they make me wonder what kind of personality Shisui had. I might be open to the idea of a happy funtimes guyfriend again, opposed to it as I was previously.

Edited at 2011-08-25 06:59 am (UTC)
25th-Aug-2011 06:43 pm (UTC)
RIGHT? How can he dump so much fail into what is still essentially an awesome comic? IDGI. And ... yeah.

Hmm -- to an extent I can see it, but I wonder; Madara is a big bad but Itachi obviously had enough pull, somehow, to get him to keep off Konoha's balls during his life -- the fact that he actually mentioned it was interesting to me? But yeah, given the fact that they obviously didn't know as much about each other as we originally thought. And uh -- yeah. I'm so worried that he's been caught up in the ninja jesus twilight zone that has sapped the minds of people like Shikapapa and ... everyone ever, lol. And yeah, Naruto does seem pretty naive to go up against Boss Mindrape. Plus ... yeah. Hey why don't you go take care of the other two survivors of Clan Godmod, k? I'll go get snake bitch, it's cool. Though I get it; edo tensei bullshit. (Wait, wait, I need to go back and read because no one knew who was doing this? But he's certain it isn't Madara. WOW CONFUSION.)

What, shoving it down Naruto's throat and all (and his drooling face after the subsequent extraction) wasn't enough? Or the question of WHAT ARE YOU COMPENSATING FOR, SON given the vastly inflated size of his crow(s)? And -- honestly, I get the feeling now that he was kind of a ... blend of Naruto and Itachi. Cheerful and generally optimistic, but tempered with Itachi-class pragmatism. Sure, he'd like to have things nice but when shit hits the fan he's not going to hesitate to do what he feels needs to be done. COME ON KISHI, THROW US A LINE. WE HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL TO THEM.
26th-Aug-2011 01:03 am (UTC) - ETA: OHGOD
26th-Aug-2011 01:07 am (UTC) - Re: ETA: OHGOD
LOL. I was watching that video last night and thinking the same thing ♥
25th-Aug-2011 04:53 am (UTC)
MMMMMM, this is lovely. thank you so much! <3
25th-Aug-2011 04:55 am (UTC)
You're so welcome! xD Glad you like.
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